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Partnership from three great individuals who having proficient knowledge & skill in Roof Shingles and Timber Floor Deck industries.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are dedicated to provide best in service and quality product to our clientele.

We are your trusted building materials supplier and installer specializing in Asphalt Shingle, Timber Wood Decking and Concrete Reinforcement Fibre.

A new type of high-tech waterproof roofing that comes with the characteristics of durable, multiple colors, lightweight and environmental friendly.


Excellent fire resistance and wind resistance: laminated composition shingles have been tested for fire resistance and meet the national regulations and reach A-level standards.


High end roof shingles High-quality colored natural rock particles are colored by high-temperature ceramic calcination process to form porcelain particles, ensures the long-term stability of the product color


The unique design of all-round three-dimensional vision, double-layer sturdy protection, and the time texture polished by standard double-layer technology.

It is not just another type of roof. It is sophisticated style with the strength of steel. Find out more if you want to eliminate the common problem of broken tiles, leaking and break-in. We are the authorized distributor for Peninsular Malaysia. 


Decra Roofs are unbreakable, eliminating leaks due to broken tiles. It uses unique horizontal fastening solution which prevent wind uplift force of up to 120mph (circa. 193 km/h).


Great Aesthetic that comes with 5 different roof profile designs. Wide range of colour that do not fade. It is cleanable, and can be easily restored to its original condition even on a D.I.Y. basis.


Decra Roofing Systems not only provide a good looking, leak-proof and durable roof, but also a burglar prevention roofing system accredited by an international standard in the Secured by Design since 2006 in UK.

Outdoor space are always the main activities of a home. A good floor decking can transform your outdoor area into a true living space to chill and relax.
A well-thought deck can last years if you choose the right wood considering the weather and the usage it will endure.


Belian wood is categorized under heavy hardwood group and of high market value. The wood is very HARD, DOES NOT rot easily and is naturally resistant because of the unique anatomical features, that it is nick-named as “Borneo ironwood”


The wood plastic composite material WPC corporation uses are products that have obtained standard awarded by Japan’s national laboratory qualifying recycled composite woods and plastics.

Fiber reinforced concrete is a cementitious composite material with a dispersed reinforcement in a form of fibers.
Polypropylene fibers can be divided into microfibers and macrofibers depending on their length and the function that they perform in the concrete.

Save the repair cost

Cracking occurs when shrinkage forces become greater than the strength of the concrete. 

save the labour costs

Lower labour costs due to requiring less steps during the execution of the building works.

save the time

Saves time during the construction process as it can be applied directly combining with concrete.


Asphalt Shingle

Laminated Color Code

L-Onyx Black I

L-Onyx Black I

L-Ocean Blue II

L-Estate Gray II

L-Bark Brown II

L-Asian Green II

L-Desert Tan I

L-Asian Red I

3-Tab Color Code

T-Onyx Black I

T-Onyx Black II

T-Ocean Blue I

T-Ocean Blue II

T-Estate Gray I

T-Estate Gray II

T-Bark Brown I

T-Bark Brown II

T-Asian Green I

T-Asian Green II

T-Chapel Gray I

T-Cloudy Gray I

T-Desert Tan I

T-Sunset Red I

T-Asian Red II

Mosaic Color Code

M-Onyx Black

M-Ocean Blue I

M-Ocean Blue II

M-Estate Gray I

M-Estate Gray II

M-Bark Brown I

M-Bark Brown II

M-Asian Green

M-Green II

M-Estate Gray I

M-Estate Gray II

M-Cloudy Gray

M-Desert Tan I

M-Desert Tan II

M-Sunset Red

Technical Information

The quality of fiberglass melt determines the lifetime, crack resistance, waterproof performance and nails’ durability of shingles. Due to the good flexibility, the asphalt shingles can get flat again quickly after roll it up. Besides, the longitudinal and transverse tension of them reaches the ASTM D 3462.

Our granule is imported from France. It is made by 800 degrees high temperature calcinations 8 times, then go through the Acidic and alkaline environment. The color of the tile is pretty steady.

Our asphalt uses high purity and mixed at a proper ratio to guarantee the promise of 20 years warranty of 3-tab shingles and 30 years warranty of laminated shingles.

With a strong heat resistance, our asphalt adhesive tape won’t flow in high temperature.

Fire Test

Decra Roofing Systems

Color Chart

Corona Shake / Milano / Heritage / Classic














Copper Red

Senator Shingle






Technical Information

The innovative use of Alu-Zinc metal combined with specialized surface coating and pressing technology has made Decra Roofing a world leader in metal roof tiles. Decra stone coated tiles made from Alu-Zinc coated metal provide superior long term corrosion resistance.

Profile Range

Outdoor Floor Decking

Belian Timber Wood Deck

Belian Wood is a hardwood tree that does NOT belong to dipterocarp group. Dipterocarp – tall forest tree from which are obtained resins and timber for the export trade. Belian tree is a tree species that grows slowly and will take up to 120 years to reach 30 cm diameter.

The general characteristics for Belian may be described as having heartwood that is light brown to almost bright yellow in color when freshly cut, darkens on exposure to a deep reddish brown or very dark brown or almost black.

Belian wood is very HARD, does not ROT easily and is naturally resistant because of the unique anatomical features, that it is nick-named as “Borneo Ironwood”


 Size: 90mm width x Mixed Length

 Weight: Approximately 0.58 kg/feet

 Thickness: 19mm ± 1-2 mm

 Surface Finish: Smooth Planed

 Product Warranty: NA

 Workmanship Warranty: 2 years

 System Warranty: 5 years

 Feet / Square Meter: 37 feet

 Packing: 5 pcs/bundle – Plastic Strip

Characteristics of Belian Timber Deck:


  • The timber is exceptionally hard and heavy. It has been classified under Heavy Hardwood with a density of 835-1185 kg/m3 air dry.

Natural Durability

  • The belian timber is one of the most durable in the world.

Preservative Treatment

  • The heartwood is extremely resistant to preservative treatment.

Strength Properties

  • The belian timber falls into Strength Group A (Burgess, 1958) or SG2 (MS 544:Part 2:2001)

Machining Properties

  • It is easy to work despite its high density and produces a smooth and often lustrous surface.

Air Drying

  • The timber seasons slowly with a tendency for checking and splitting.


  • Shrinkage averages 4.5%


  • The timber is suitable for all heavy constructional works, marine construction, boat construction, fence posts, heavy duty industrial flooring, decking, fender supports, telegraphic and power transmission posts and cross arms, mallets, shingles, columns (heavy duty) and other works where high strength and durability are required. 
Technical Information

Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Fiber-Reinforced Concrete is ideal for improving the durability and toughness performance of concrete and mortar. Fibre in concrete help reduce shrinkage cracks, increase strength, increase energy absorption and reduces dangerous spalling at high temperatures

It is a composite material consisting of fibrous material which increases its structural integrity. It includes mixtures of cement, mortar or concrete and discontinuous, discrete, uniformly dispersed suitable fibers. Fibers are usually used in concrete to control cracking due to plastic shrinkage and to drying shrinkage. They also reduce the permeability of concrete and thus reduce the bleeding of water.

AJS Fibre Reinforced Concrete Series

Macro Synthetic Fibre

Macro Synthetic Fibre are made from a blend of polymers and were originally developed to provide an alternative to steel fibre in some applications. Initially, they were identified as a potential alternative to steel fibre in sprayed concrete, but increasing research and development showed that they had a role to play in the design and construction of ground-supported slabs and a wide range of other applications.

They are particularly suitable for providing nominal reinforcement in aggressive environments, such as marine and coastal structures, as they do not suffer the problems of staining and spalling that can result from the corrosion of steel.

Besides, because they are non-conducting, they have been used in tram and light railway developments.

Micro Synthetic Fibre

Micro-synthetic fibers provide superior resistance to the formation of plastic shrinkage cracks versus welded wire reinforcement, they are unable to provide any resistance to further crack width openings caused by drying shrinkage, structural load or other forms of stress. However, these products should be regularly specified in any type of concrete to improve cracking resistance, spall protection, freeze-thaw durability and improve the homogeneity of concrete during placement.

  • Fibre reinforced concrete may be useful where high tensile strength and reduced cracking are desirable or when conventional reinforcement cannot be placed.
  • It improves the impact strength of concrete, limits the crack growth and leads to a greater strain capacity of the composite material.
  • For industrial projects, macro-synthetic fibre are used to improve concrete’s durability. Made from synthetic materials, these fibre are long and thick in size and may be used as a replacement for bar or fabric reinforcement.
  • Adding fibre to the concrete will improve its freeze-thaw resistance and help keep the concrete strong and attractive for extended periods.
  • Improve mix cohesion, improving pump-ability over long distances.
  • Increase resistance to plastic shrinkage during curing.
  • Minimizes steel reinforcement requirements.
  • Controls the crack widths tightly, thus improving durability.
  • Reduces segregation and bleed-water.
  • The addition of fibers increases fatigue strength.
  • Fibre increase the shear capacity of reinforced concrete beams.


Polypropylene Mono Filament

  • Wall Plastering
  • Screeding work for RC roof, Patching
  • Road curb, Stucco, Concrete Planter Box
  • Fountain
  • Swimming Pool

Polypropylene Fiber Multi Filament

  • Patching
  • Road Curb
  • Concrete Planter Box
  • Apron/ Side Walk
  • Water Tank
  • Front Car Porch

Synthetic Macro Fibre

  • Floor topping
  • Side Walks
  • Precast Products
  • Concrete Over Lays
  • Segmental Lining
  • Concrete Driveway
  • Bridge Decks

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